Waanz.in is a digital studio that designs and builds digital tools in the fields of research, data, art and technology.

We are a multidisciplinary creative space, working on challenging projects in a variety of collaborations. We create digital products, apps, websites and prototypes that people love to use. We try to offer new insights with our creations and aim to make things prettier and more convenient.

We strongly believe that the technology behind and the design of a digital product are equally important.

We’re pretty down to earth with the occasional FUCKING MANIA!!!

We’re always looking for new projects and collaboration, so don't hesitate!


Website for the Brussels' platform for cultural participation https://lasso.be

Antwerp Poster Festival

Registration website that's all about poster design & typography
Graphic design by SSNN


Website for the contemporary dance school founded by Rosas and De Munt/La Monnaie


A social web application where you can discover, collect and share books & music
We love books, music & the internet. So we thought "what can we do with it?" The result is insp.re, an social platform where you can share and fullfill your need for new books & music.


Event registration & ticketing software
Pierrot is a homemade product that consists of an online application for event registration and a mobile app to scan Pierrot tickets at your event. Complete with the online payment and the whole shebang.


Traffic measuring system
Telraam works as a reliable measuring equipment and web platform made available freely to interested citizens. The data can be used to make infrastructure, traffic lights and traffic plans more efficient and better.


Website for an off-stream music label & concert organiser
Graphic design by Ruttens-Wille

On & For

Website for a European cooperative project that is conceived to advance and strengthen the field of artists’ moving image (AMI)

Antwerp Photo

Website & ticketing for AntwerpPhoto, an international photography biennial
Graphic design by DIFT


Website for Brussels Kunstenoverleg / Reseau des Arts à Bruxelles
Graphic design by Something Els